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Mara's Memos

October was such a great month full of books and reading!  Our book competition was fierce and the class caterpillars grew quite long.  The Caterpillar and the Ladybug class battled it out all month but the Caterpillar class won the competition with an amazing 302 books read.  In the A Beka classes the battle was equally fierce between the Birds and the Lions. The Lions were the victors with 287 books read.  Congrats to our winners and we hope everyone continues to read, Read, READ!

We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving this month as we focus on community helpers.  We love to think about the fried turkey, cornbread dressing, and pie all month long, but not everyone is equally blessed.  We want the children to also be community helpers this month and encourage the helping/giving spirit by thinking of those less fortunate.  We will be collecting canned food and dry goods all month long.  All food and money collected will go to our Church's food pantry which helps feed many people every month.  We are always short on canned meat, baby supplies, and toiletries like toilet paper, tooth paste, soap, etc.  We will have a friendly competition between the classes to see who can donate the most items.  The class that donates the most will receive a small prize.  Everyone will feel great for being a community helper.


Dates to Remember


13-17 Community Helper Week

23-24- Closed for Thanksgiving

29- Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday


  1- Ciara and Elliott

13- Milan

15- Allison H.

  Hails and Farewells 

We said goodbye to Jazmine in the Butterflies.

     Things to Remember

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