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From the Office


Everyone is gearing up for summer it seems. Many of our students are leaving us to go to "big school" next year. Please come back and visit us! While we will be missing our "big" kids who have outgrown us, we will also be getting in a new crop of "little" children for us to help raise. This is a crazy transition time for us all. Please take the time to talk to your child about upcoming changes, so they are not taken by surprise. Even if they will be here all summer, many of their friends will not.

Please let us know at least two weeks in advance, in writing, if your child is leaving us. We have a short form you can fill out or you can email me your notice. If your child will be in one of the A Beka classrooms next school year and you have already paid the book fees, your child can take the summer off. You will not have to pay tuition all summer and will not lose your space for the fall. We can't guarantee a space for your child until our new school year begins, Monday, August 21st. We usually don't have a problem taking children back the week before school starts for public school teachers. If your child is in the younger classrooms and you choose to remove them for the summer, but want to come back in August, your child will be placed on the waiting list. We can't guarantee a space for your child and all fees will have to paid again. Please see the office with any questions.

Don't forget our kindness tree in the foyer!

The Lions Classroom

This month we are talking about Noah obeying God. Everyone knows the story of the Ark and all the animals, but did you ever think about the faith Noah showed in obeying God? It had never rained before let alone flooded. It took an amazing amount of trust in God to build the Ark. Do you trust God like Noah?

We are learning some big numbers this month, 20-30. Please help them practice counting large amounts at home. It helps with one to one correspondence if you help the children count while touching each object and go in a line from left to right, like they were reading. Since Noah's animals came in pairs, we will practice counting by 2's!

We will be learning about all things creepy and crawly this month. Where do insects live and what do they eat? If you can safely catch a bug and bring it in to share with the class, that would be wonderful. Make sure the jar has holes in the lid. Enjoy those nature walks.

We are continuing on our journey of reading. We will be learning the one and two vowel rules. When there is only one vowel in a word and it is anywhere except at the end of a word, it usually has a short sound. When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and says its name.

Pastor's Ponderings

The Mother God Uses

"Rejoice, favored woman! The Lord is with you." (Luke 1:28) This was the greeting that the Angel Gabriel gave to Mary when he came to deliver God's message regarding her future. The news was not necessarily well received. She was, according to scripture, "deeply troubled" and wondered what it could mean.

I am willing to bet that you are familiar with that "uh oh" feeling. Most parents are. Think about it... you are responsible for the welfare and future of another human being. There are times when moms and dads do not feel qualified. There are times when we are overwhelmed. The good news? God has great confidence in you and you are not alone!

No one is more qualified to raise your child than you are. When God knit your little one together in the womb He was executing a grand design. When He was looking for a mother who would be just the right fit for the kid He chose you! What did that angel say again? "Rejoice... the Lord is with you."

This parenting thing is a lot less complicated than we make it out to be. When it comes to being the mother your little guy or gal needs, all you really need to be is yourself.

Things could be a lot worse... at least you are not responsible for raising Jesus! So consider Mary's response to God's challenge of motherhood,. She said, "I am the Lord's servant... may it be done to me according to your word." (Luke 1:38)

This mother's day please take time to reflect on a comforting truth. The mother that God can use is the mother that God will choose. Yes, you are highly favored, completely adequate, and never alone!

Pastor Trey

HOPE Baptist Church


Dates to Remember


5- Cinco De Mayo

8-12 Teacher Appreciation Week

14 Mother's Day

29 Memorial Day-Academy Closed

31 Birthday Celebration and Half day Public Schools

Happy Birthday


2- Brayden and Micah S.

3- Ian and Jacob

8- Kylan

12- Dontrell

13- Grayson

15- Oscar

17- Avery

25- Keaton


23- Shayla

27- Sheela


 Hails and Farewells 

We say goodbye to Ms. Neek and Ms. Kat.  Good luck ladies!

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