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Mara's Memos

Now is the time to decide about next school year.  Registration for our A Beka classes (Threes and Fours) will begin shortly.  As always, registration is on a first come first serve basis.  In order to secure your child's slot for next school year, come to the office and pay your NONREFUNDABLE book fee once you have received your registration letter.  The current book fees $40 for the Threes and $55 for the Fours (prices might go up depending on A Beka)  If you have any questions for any of our teachers or would like to sit I on one of their classes, please let the office know and we will be glad to make the arrangements for you.

We are looking forward to our Valentine Parties this month.  Feel free to bring in valentines and candy to send home to each of the children in your child's class.  There is no need to send in cupcakes or other goodies as our party will center around fun activities and not sweets. 

We are looking forward to our delicious fundraiser this month.  We will be selling Butter Braid pastries.  They come in several flavors, are delicious, easy to prepare, and should be delivered in time for Easter

Dates to Remember


7- Dental Health Day

14- Valentine Parties

22- Butter Braid Fundraiser begins

28- Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday


2- Kaden

13- Roman

17- Kaleb

18- Lauren

21- Aliya and Donnell

240 Morgan


9- Connie

17- Jackie

18- Tiffany

  Hails and Farewells 

We said goodbye to Amy and Lear.  We welcome Tiffany as our new cook and Brianna as a new afternoon floater.

     Things to Remember

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